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BAC Services, LLC provides a professional, high quality service for our clients. Our high rate of successful collections has kept our clients consistently turning to us with their collection needs. Research has shown that small, local agencies recover 50% more than large collection agencies. BAC Services provides collection services to businesses in a variety of fields. Our emphasis is customer services, catering to our clients' individual needs. As a personalized agency, we are in constant touch with our clients. We are always available and easy to reach, our clients can talk to us at any time. Choosing a professional collection service is the first step in accounts retrieval. BAC can provide both an effective and inexpensive way to collect your delinquent accounts. Our experienced staff of highly trained professionals is dedicated to providing you with the most efficient and most responsive service available. Action begins as soon as we receive your accounts for collection. You pay only for the accounts that are collected. There is no advance fee! Advanced services provide phone contact, reporting to all three credit bureaus, attorney letters and skip tracing. Don't let those past due accounts slip away! As time goes by, the chance of recovery on delinquent accounts diminishes. After 6 months, the collectability on a delinquent account is 58%. After one year, the collectability is 27%.


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